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Top 10 Nursing Home Violations

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nursing homeIt is a very difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home. Being in a safe home at least will relieve the stress and burden of that decision. . You want to make sure the home rates highly and hasn’t had many violations.
Nursing homes are inspected annually, and also when there is a complaint. Inspectors typically work for state agencies paid by Medicare. They find deficiencies and rank them on their severity. In a Pro Publica database that records these deficiencies, there were 262,500 recent deficiencies.
Here are the 10 regulations most commonly violated by nursing homes and how often they are violated:

1. Facility is Free of Accident Hazards: 17,331
2. Facility Establishes Infection Control Program: 14,186
3. Provide Necessary Care for Highest Practicable Well-Being: 13,401
4. Store/Prepare/ Distribute Food Under Sanitary Conditions: 11,746
5. Develop Comprehensive Care Plans: 9,070
6. Services Provided Meet Professional Standards: 8,986
7. Clinical Records Meet Professional Standards: 7,962
8. Not Employ Persons Guilty of Abuse: 7,288
9. Drug Regimen is Free from Unnecessary Drugs: 7,040
10. Dignity: 6,605
Before deciding where to place your loved one, do in-depth research to see which nursing home is the best place for your family member. At Care patrol of Milwaukee, we can help you with the research and provide you also with alternatives other than nursing homes. Contact Care Patrol of Milwaukee for free information of Nursing Homes in your area of interest and for other alternatives.

10 Reasons why Families Utilize Care Patrol of Milwaukee

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Why Should A Family Utilize CarePatrol of Milwaukee?

1. Care Patrol of Milwaukee pre-screens and monitors many Assisted Living providers in their area and stays current on their recent state surveys.

2. Care Patrol of Milwaukee are local experts as we are visiting the care providers on a regular basis, enabling us to know which providers can actually deliver what they promise.

3. Care Patrol of Milwaukee works with independent retirement communities and in-home health care agencies.

4. Care Patrol of Milwaukee saves the family’s time. Time from visiting many independent retirement & assisted living communities that are not a good fit until they find the right one (this could take several weeks or longer).

5. Care Patrol of Milwaukee saves the family frustration by providing appropriate recommendations based on a customer’s needs. It is very difficult for an elderly person to move. Sometimes the family may make that difficult move to a community only to find out after 2 months that they need to move their elderly loved once again.

6. Care Patrol of Milwaukee saves the family money by being an advocate for the families who are at risk of falling prey to aggressive marketing techniques. Care Patrol of Milwaukee makes families aware of financial assistance programs, and helps them find a community within their budget.

7. Care Patrol of Milwaukee’s local experts can personally assess and tour with the family and acts as their advocate to help navigate the confusing maze of elder care options.

8. Care Patrol of Milwaukee can educate families on levels of care and licensure requirements on care providers.

9. Care Patrol of Milwaukee stays in touch with families after care services are in place to ensure a smooth transition and be an advocate for the family.

10. Care Patrol of Milwaukee services are always FREE to families.

Contact William Smith ( 262) 344 4387 or Jeff Kelling ( 414) 559 1106 for further details about Care Patrol of Milwaukee

PBS : Front Line: Life and Death in Assisted Living

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About Care Patrol of Milwaukee

Families looking for Assisted Living in Milwaukee usually do not start their search in hopes to find the assisted living facility with:

◾The most citations or violations
◾The worst care history or
◾The highest staff turnover

But that is exactly what can happen when you request a list of assisted living facilities from other websites.

After all, with those other websites, you are dealing with a computer program, not a professionally certified senior care consultant.

We know that you expect and deserve more. That’s why Care Patrol of Milwaukee looks beyond the chandeliers and fancy lobbies and focuses on each community’s care history.

Pre-Screened, Quality Checked and “Matched” For You.

Educating the consumer to Eldercare and the programs that are out there to assist and improve the quality of their life.

Care Patrol of Milwaukee monitors assisted living facilities based on their latest state surveys.

A telephonic discovery will be completed, and then one will match one’s needs with homes, communities or in home care services that have scored the highest in the area.

Care Patrol of Milwaukee only recommends the highest scoring options that meet your geographical, financial and care needs. We then personally escort you, if desired, to the assisted living options to be your advocate and to negotiate the best price for you.

After placement, there is 90 day follow-up to assure a smooth transition

5 ways to Avoid Care Giver Burn Out

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Caring for a loved one can be a rewarding feeling. You give of yourself for someone who is in need. However, it can cause people to feel rundown, stressed and possibly get sick themselves. I used to hear from time to time that the sick person survives the caregiver. I have seen that thru experiences  in my life. What can we do about? 

Here are my 5 suggestions:

1. Learn about the condition or illness. The more you know about the condition, the more prepared you can be to solve any problems that may arise. You will have the resources and tools within reach. Knowing what to expect can lower your stress level and anxiety. You will be able to understand what your loved one is going thru and communication will be better.

2. Ask for help. Have a family member or friend watch over your loved one so you can have a break. Call a referral company like Care Patrol to refer you to an in home care agency to give you some time for yourself. Also, several assisted  living communities  offer respite care for a loved one so the caregiver can take a vacation or take a few days off . Everyone who is a caregiver needs a break and one should not feel guilty doing so.  It will make you a better caregiver. Also, joining a support group can unload some of the stress and grief that one is experiencing realizing that you are not alone gives one solace.

3. Take Small breaks  . Go outside for a walk and take deep breaths or relax in the backyard. Read a book or watch a video. Just taking a break and removing yourself from the environment can improve your well-being.

4. Stay in Good health  . So many times, I see the caregiver making sure that the loved one is eating properly and taking their vitamins , etc. and totally neglecting themselves. You are not a machine. Get regular health and dental checkups. Eat healthy meals and snacks. Exercise can lower stress and increase your energy . Have regular sleep patterns. Again, seek support groups to help relieve mental stress.

5. Stay Positive-avoid being negative. It is not always easy but a positive attitude can help you be a better caregiver. You also offer dignity to your loved one and they will feel safer and loved. You will feel good that you are doing the best that you can even if your loved one cannot respond to you or is indifferent.

Care giving is a huge responsibility and not everyone can do it. I hope this article helps you . Again, if it becomes overwhelming, please ask for help. If you have other questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section. At Care Patrol of Milwaukee, we are here to educate and offer referral sources to the community..
Contact William Smith ( 262) 344 4387 or Jeff Kelling ( 414) 559 1106 for further details about Care Patrol of Milwaukee

8 Reasons to Take Advantage of Assisted Living

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Here are 8 reason why assisted living facilities can be so effective in helping Seniors achieve  and maintain quality lives.

1. Strategic Planning 

An excellent Assisted Living Facility will evaluate the resident and set up a plan so the resident will have the adequate foundation of support to lead a quality life.

2. Peace of Mind

The children will have peace of mind knowing that their loved one is in a safe environment and has quality care  . They will no longer be a caregiver but a son / daughter or spouse again.

3. Prepared Meals 

Many seniors when living at home do not get the adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables in their diet. They do not eat 3 meals a day and no longer have a strong desire to eat. Residents often will regain their health and weight  due to properly prepared meals at an assisted living facilities. They will assure that the residents are eating .   Many excellent facilities that I tour families to have home cooked meals–like real mashed potatoes–not out of a box! They also have choices for the resident. Food is important to most people and many facilities that I have seen have Chefs that have great culinary skills!

4.  Socialization

I know now that I am getting  older, how I  miss bonding with people from my own generation. Assisted living facilities can help form those generational bonds again to residents. Residents  can talk about some of the challenges they have and conquer some of those challenges together and they can talk about experiences,  past events or music/ tv shows, etc .

5. In-House Medical Staff

A trained medical staff that have education and training that deal with Senior Care issues. They can help a resident who had fallen or needs to be redirected in minutes instead of hours if they were at home living alone and beyond just lifting them off the floor by a loved one. A staff will chart their medical issues and seek immediate attention to resolve the cause.

6. Freedom

No more worries about the roof, the furnace, the lawn, the plumbing, the hot water heater , etc. The resident can focus on what they would like to focus on maybe reading, painting, pottery, socializing etc. They can expand on and regain their old interests and create new ones.

7.  Transportation

It is a terrible sight to see a once vibrant person decline and will stay at home because he or she can no longer drive. They maybe afraid to because traffic is faster and heavier than in the past. Assisted living facilities can transport residences to shopping malls, to the theatre, to concerts, to the doctor–the residences can become vibrant and productive once again.

8. Safety

One of the most important reason why an Assisted living facility is worth their weight . There is power in numbers. A communal environment makes the senior less vulnerable to attacks and  burglary compared  to living alone. Most facilities are well planned and spaced layouts  to avoid accidents and to emphasize safety.  There are alert systems all over the building.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and realize that assisted living facilities offer an unlimited amount of opportunities for a senior to grow and broaden their horizon. Naturally, there are more reasons-if you have any other great reasons, please leave comments. I would love to hear from you.

God Bless

Top 9 Tips to Finance Assisted Living / Long Term Care

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1. Hire a Reputable Referral Agency– specializing in Senior Housing such as Care Patrol. Agencies can be a big help in negotiating price for their clients. Furthermore, they can save one time because they know the costs / expenses at various facilities and know what your budget is.  Make sure that the referral agency you use is a free one for the consumer. The agency itself gets paid by the providers themselves.

2. The Veteran’s Administration –offers some help for eligible veterans thru their Aid and Attendance and Housebound Benefits Program. Visit the VA website or visit our website for more details.

3. Long Term Care insurance–I highly recommend Long Term Care Insurance for anyone that is 60 years old or older. LTC can reimburse residents and their families for some costs with assisted living. Visit our website for more details.

4. Reverse mortgages–A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that lets a homeowner convert a portion of the equity in one’s home into care.

5. Life insurance–For those who own a Life Insurance policy, one can consider converting a policy to help pay for care.

6. Viatical settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy by the policy owner before the policy matures. Such a sale, at a price discounted from the face amount of the policy but usually in excess of the premiums paid or current cash surrender value, provides the seller an immediate cash settlement. Generally, viatical settlements involve insured people with a shorter life expectancy. It is a practical way to pay extremely high health insurance premiums that severely ill people with short life expectancy (ex. a person with AIDS) face.

7. Family members take out a loan–Family members can take out a loan to cover expenses for their loved one. Usually this occurs when their loved one needs to enter a facility and there is not enough money to cover expenses initially because the family home needs to be sold or other financial considerations are pending. These loans are typically called Bridge Loans.

8. Medicaid–Many states have a Home and community Based Services (HCBS) waiver that pay for some of the costs involved in receiving assisted living care. This could be a life saver for a resident that has paid privately for one or two years and the money begins to run out. Based on my experiences, it is paramount that one should find out whether the facility a person chooses will accept Medicaid after your money is gone. Ask detailed questions of what will happen when your money runs out before you begin spending your assets on a facility. I have had several families contact me after their money has run out and the facility has told them that Mom or Dad cannot stay there any longer. If they would have contacted me before they made their decision alone, I could have saved them stress and money .

9.Contact an Elder Care Attorney-Elder Care attorneys know the laws regarding elder-care. They can create trusts to protect assets for your loved ones and can help with the financial planning for the care that your loved one needs.

Being Depressed is Not a Normal Part of Aging

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Explore the following signs of depression from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  If you believe that your loved one is depressed , talk to your loved one about the symptoms that you are seeing. He or she may not even be aware of their depression. It is common for a depressed person to not recognize their depression. Given his or her’s state of mind, the loved one may need help in describing their symptoms and how it is affecting their personal life to their physician. You as a person that has seen your loved one react differently to past circumstances can  be a great resource in  helping the doctor with a diagnosis.

1. Persistent sadness, anxiety, or empty mood

2. Loss of interest or pleasure in ordinary activities, family, or friends

3. Decreased energy, listlessness, fatigue, feeling ” slowed down ” in the morning

4. Sleep problems and changes in sleep patterns ( can’t get to sleep, oversleeping, waking up too early)

5. Eating problems and changes in eating patterns or foods consumed ( weight loss or gain, gain or loss in appetite)

6. Difficulty in concentrating, remembering, or making decisions

7. Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism

8. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness, or helplessness

9. Thoughts of suicide or death

10. Irritability

11. Excessive crying, sometimes without reason

12. Recurring aches and pains ( headaches, back aches) that don’t respond to treatment.

Depression affects older people differently. They may experience just a few symptoms on the list . These symptoms can occur with certain chronic conditions or as side effects of  medication. Depression, as a result, can be overlooked by family members. Being depressed is not a normal part of aging.  Left untreated, depressed elderly people are less likely to survive heart attacks, cancer, stroke and are twice as likely to commit suicide.  I urge a family member to take their loved one to their primary care physician as soon as possible ..depression in most cases is treatable. One more thing to add, loneliness breeds depression. Make sure that you spend quality time with your loved one. It is not just taking that person to the doctor and then get the diagnosis and get a treatment…they need YOUR PRESENCE.